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Behind The Scenes of Our Hyper Royal Blue Jacket

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You Asked, We Answered: Our Design Process

Our customers often ask “Where do you get the ideas for your designs?” and “Can you share more behind the scenes footage of your work?” To answer the former, our team initiates each design process by conceptualizing, sketching, focus group testing, then finally launching our product. Mostly though, we are a small creative team seeking to disrupt the fashion industry by creating limited hand-sewn items to keep you looking fly in these streets. One of our favorite designs so far was the creation of our Royal Blue Bomber Jacket, reminiscent of the Jordan 13 hyper royal blue sneaker. Here’s a sneak peek  of the craftsmanship that goes into each design

Once our design is finalized, our manufacturing team prints and cut each jacket individually.The manufacturing team then aligns each component of the jacket and inspects for quality control.From here, each jacket is hand-sewn to expert-level quality. Zippers are added, filling is stuffed then a second inspect happens. We work tirelessly to ensure Cream Life Shop customers are getting a superior product every time.

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